Pros And Cons Of Sex With A Love Doll

Sex with a love doll might seem a bit weird at first – after all, we’re not only raised to value human relationships, but most of us are raised to have a sense of shame when it comes to “unnatural” sexual activity.

Those of who are fortunate, however, outgrow the negative connotations associated with masturbation, sex toys or other types of “forbidden” sexual activity that were drilled into us when we were kids.

That makes us more able to have an open mind about the possibility of screwing a sex doll – and more open to thinking about the advantages and disadvantages of a non-human sexual companion.

Here are some of the pros and cons to consider.


It gives you the pleasure you are looking for, whenever you want. Those who have a spouse or regular sexual partner may not always find that their partner is ready or willing to have sex. Those without a regular partner often don’t want to find a one-night stand or Tinder hookup, or may even be afraid to approach someone with the hope of having sex. We all have our own level of sexual needs and our specific sexual preferences, and a love doll will always be there to provide satisfaction for those needs and preferences.

Everyday blowjobs and/or sex. You can use your love doll to release your pent-up sexual desire after a long period, or have relations with it a number of times a day. For some people, a love doll even replaces a real-life partner in their minds.

AIDS/STD- free. You won’t have to worry whether your partner has AIDS or any serious sexually-transmitted  disease.

No wearing of condoms. Just as you won’t have to worry about contracting AIDS, you won’t have to worry about your partner getting pregnant. Wearing a condom is a major “bone” of contention in many relationships. With a sex doll, you don’t have to worry about lessening your sexual pleasure by going bareback. (Although for reasons of hygiene, it’s not a bad idea to wear a condom with a sex doll – it makes the doll a lot easier to clean afterward.)

Avoid having an affairs. Whatever the reason, most people have a wandering eye from time to time and want to experience something new. Not everyone’s partner will be thrilled with the idea of their man having sex with a doll – but it’s a lot better than if they’d screwed a secretary, a hooker or the girl next door.


Nothing beats a real woman, particularly if you want a human emotional or physical connection. The feeling of sex with a love doll is awfully realistic, though.

It has its limitations. You ARE still fucking a doll and not a person, so you can’t give specific instructions to your partner, and there’s the risk of feeling bad about yourself.

It’s expensive. Sex dolls, especially the high-quality ones, can cost thousands of dollars. When pros outnumber cons to this level, it’s no wonder that sex dolls are becoming more and more popular every year.

Alternatives To Masturbating: They Can Get Expensive

When people feel aroused, one of the common things they think of is to pleasure themselves. People don’t always have to look for someone that they can have sex with, well in fact, they can already make themselves happy. This is when masturbating takes place. It is just a natural thing for someone to do this action whenever they feel the urge. Compared to spending a night and having sex with someone you are not familiar with, it would be safer for you to deal with your fantasies alone. Having sex with a stranger will only you exposed you to acquiring sexually transmitted diseases. Millions of people from different parts of the world are already affected with these problems so you have to be responsible and be very cautious with your actions.

Reasons Why People Buy Sex Toys

You cannot deny the fact that there are some people who want more than masturbating. So if ever that you are not fully satisfied when you masturbate, then you can think of buying sex toys. Besides, these products are now widely available in the market and you can even order one online for your privacy. There are some who are not comfortable in buying these toys in a real store and they want to do discreetly.

When it comes to sex toys, there are plenty of options that you can choose from. If ever that you don’t want to spend much on these products, then you can go for the ones that suit your budget. However, if you want a better experience of pleasuring yourself and have enough money then you can consider buying a sex doll. Sex dolls are expensive because it makes you feel like you are making love with a real human. You can even try any position you want and do it for as long as you want.

Sex toys especially sex dolls are a lot better compared to masturbating. Yet, there is nothing wrong if you want to masturbate as long as your happy doing it. What is important is that you can keep away from acquiring STDs just because of having sex with someone who is infected with the disease. Instead of getting the satisfaction your body needs when you feel arouse, it is best that you use your toys at home with no worries. You can stay away from danger and prevent spending money on medications.

Can Couples Have Fun With Sex Dolls?

Why would a couple ever seek a sex doll or two? They’re a couple! They can do to each other what they’d normally do with the doll or to themselves with their hands and sometimes their spit and tongue if they can reach far enough. When they go ahead and proceed to fondle these so-called sex dolls, all they receive is tactile sensation and no reciprocal feedback that they’re doing well or touching the right spot. Then again, many horny and open-minded couples do indulge in a bit of sex play where they try absolutely anything, from light BDSM to even being swinger couples. In such scenarios, getting a sex mannequin or real doll is pretty tame.

The Benefits Of Buying A Sex Doll: Couples Edition

  • Rising Popularity as a Kink: Over the past few years, the popularity of real dolls and blow-up dolls has definitely risen. The doors of taboos and conservatism were blown wide open by the sexual revolution and there’s no turning back save of course concerns about consent, manipulation, abuse, gaslighting, and the #metoo movement, but as long as you’re not doing anything scummy with sex, almost anything goes! This includes sex with dolls even if you have a GF or BF.
  • What’s the Point? Sometimes, couples indulge in what their partners want just to spice things up in the bedroom so that it’s not always one move or one position. They can enhance fun and try out things like hot candle wax, spanking, BDSM, role-play, safe words, and what-have-you. It satisfies fetishes he or she has developed in their years of dating each other and many others or have seen on movies and pornos, including the sexy sex doll.
  • Acting Out Wild Fantasies: Most people believe that the owner of a silicone doll or pocket pussy for sex is usually a single man. They’d be right. However, couples do try out these dolls too for things such as the safest, most guilt-free threesome you can muster. If you can’t take having your man or woman have sex with another man or woman but wish to spice things up in bed, the best course of action is to order a sex doll and have him or her act out their lust on the literal sexual object.

Used by People of All Walks of Life: These realistic dolls used for sex are used by people of all walks of life and backgrounds, including bored and/or horny couples wishing for something different or kinkier than before. It’s certainly a way to release sexual tension or do things you don’t want to do, like a blowjob, on the doll. As a woman, you can to know what your man really wants and requests for as he unleashes his horny self on the most advanced and stimulating sex toy on the planet.

Can’t Find A Girl With Big Tits? Plenty Of Love Dolls Have Them

What a guy wants

Most men love women with big boobs. Well, of course, it would depend on which size they want. But the truth of the matter is that not all women have big breasts or boobs in the size that we want it to be. So what’s the solution for this? Are you going to dump your girlfriend because she has small tits? Is that fair enough? Or maybe you keep on searching for a woman with big boobs, but you just couldn’t find one that would show interest to you.

The answer to that is no other than having a love doll. There are many love dolls today that have boobs that are larger or they have the just the right size that we want. That is the advantage of having options and the process of customization. You can actually have your dolls customized in any way you want.

But why choose love dolls?

There’s a lot of reason why men choose love dolls instead of real ones. Aside from the customizable body and the big tits, love dolls are more convenient.  Well, you don’t have to feed them, have heated arguments with them, and you don’t have to buy expensive bags, shoes, and jewelry. In simple words, you don’t have to please them.

Another reason for this is that sex would totally be under your control. If you have to go for it, then you can go for it right away without being rejected. Sometimes women have to reject men to have sex because of their physical discomfort and pain, especially when they have their menstruation. But with sex dolls, the action can be done right away. Also, there’s no need for foreplay to get the women into the mood and get wet.

What about the boobs?

Everything looks and feels real in sex dolls. That is why you will surely enjoy its big tits. It looks exactly like real boobs. It’s soft and squishy, and they actually bounce up and down and side to side. The texture is smooth like the actual skin, so will really enjoy how it feels. It’s properly shaped just at the right proportion so it would still look sexy and not weird. Sex dolls also come with different accessories so you can make it look and feel like a real person. Just like its heating rod that you can fit on a specific spot on the doll so it would feel like a real person.

A Quick Look At The Best Sex Toys For Men

Sex is one of the necessities of men in terms of the physical, psychological, and social aspect. Men can easily be attracted to a woman, especially if she’s good looking, sexy and gorgeous. Because of that, men would often time use sex toys to pour it all out.

So what are the best sex toys that men can use today? Are they safe? And what makes them better than real sex? These are the things that we need to answer so we can find the right sex toy for you.

Textured Manual Masturbators

Men would love to have a good massage on their pewee before it erupts. That is why a lot of massagers and masturbators have come out on the market. They simulate the actual vagina so that it would feel like real. Others even look like the real vagina like the pocket pussy, the masturbation egg, the Tenga, and the space capsules.

There have been many varieties of these masturbators. They also come on different sizes, shapes, and design (even the most bizarre and out of this world design). These sex toys for men are soft and squishy. Some of them have smooth-textured ridges inside that look like an obstacle course for your ding dong.

What men would prefer among these products are their discreet looks. So others would prefer the Tenga or space capsule because no one would suspect that they are masturbators because of the way they look.

Automatic blowjob machines

Why put on fifty thousand strokes to get off when you can have the auto blowjob machine that you can hold in place. This remarkable machine allows you to jerk off in a matter of minutes. They have this sleeve system that you can change from different dick sizes, and they are easy to clean. You just pull off the sleeves and clean them with running water.

They have this automatic rings that squeeze your peewee as it glides up in down in different speed motions.

The sex dolls

Sex dolls are one of the biggest sex toys for men. They are either made from silicone or TPE. They provide more motivation and excitement for sex because they look and feel real. They also come in discreet boxes, but they are not when it comes to storage. They are probably the ultimate sex toy you can have because you can customize their skin, hair, face, boob sizes, and vagina.